Premature birth

Posted by Richard Cox on Saturday, May 28, 2016
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When faced with this situation last night, an unexpected delivery (or at least two weeks early), I got in a bit of a panic. Nothing noticeable developed for a good 40 minutes, all I could see was a face and feet swirling around in a bubble of water. I wasn't hopeful of anything coming out alive. I sought advice over the phone from family and friends and was told to burst the bag, not an easy task with a normally quite feisty female llama who just kept running away. I eventually managed to do so after cornering her in the shelter (food strongly attracts pregnant mothers). To my surprise, once I started to pull the mum worked with me to help force the cria out. I held it up by the back legs to help drain the air passages and there was a glimmer of hope when the mouth opened to take in air. The cria was weak and cold but with further expert guidance and moral support over the phone, a night of nursing has hopefully put her back on course. Now she has found her feet and mum's feed I feel a little more relaxed. I know some of you out there faced with this situation would have known exactly what to do but I thought sharing it would help those who didn't when faced with similar circumstances. Fore more see Hillview Llamas.

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