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The Daily Mail

1899 20 April - Mention of llamas at London Zoo.

1890 27 June - Mention of Crystal Palace menagerie being sold the sale of which included a llama. 

Daily Telegraph

1935 17 October - Birth of llama at London Zoo announced. 

1957 17 July - Birth of llama at Whipsnade Zoo announced.

1963 19 December - Birth of llama at Bristol Zoo announced.

1964 29 April - Birth of llama at London Zoo to parents Kay and Kim, announced.

1995 27 January - Mention of llamas living at Alexandra Palace. 

1996 29 June - Mention of llamas as the new face of British Farming. 

1989 14 November - Mention of Llama Khama and suggests llamas can hit you with spit at about 4 feet with a foul smelling spray.

1991 15 September - 1st time llamas entered in Henley and District Agricultural show (described as bad tempered and capable of killing human beings) 

The Manchester Guardian

1906 30 January - birth of llama at Belle Vue Amusement Park, Manchester. 

1912 12 March - article described llamas as having all the bad traits of camels - bad tempers, stupidity, obstinate refusal to work and having an objectionable habit of spitting.  

1924 9 April, Mention of Bobbing the llama. 

1926 30 January - Mention of llama farm in Bedfordshire selling llamas to private estates. 

1930 3 May -  12 llamas reported to have landed at the port of Liverpool from Buenos Aires, the property of Mr H. E. Rogers of Mossley Hill, Liverpool. 

The Times newspaper.

1924 13 September - Birth of a llama at London Zoo reported in 

1933 16 September - Gentleman found guilty of being drunk in charge of a llama in Brixton High Street.

1986 11 August - llamas described as stubborn and aggressive animals.

1989 12th June - 1st Llama Khama, Bildeston, Suffolk. Aimed to promote awareness and interest in the animal but turned out a bit of a disaster in that the llamas were uncooperative. Interview with Norma Chandler.

1990 23 June - Mention of llama breeder Paul Rose and of their presence at the Royal Show, Stoneleigh. 

1992 12 November - Mention of llamas in Northumberland. 

1994 25 October - Mention of Bruce Wright running llama treks in Thetford Forest, Norfolk, £36 a time.

The Sunday Observer

1992 13 April - Report on Paul Rose's llama farm in Gloucestershire. Said to have 60 llamas, 30 from zoos of Eastern Europe, Daily Telegraph. 

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