Landmarks in the History of Hillview Llamas

This is a section devoted to chronicling significant landmarks in the history of Hillview Llamas. 

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For a chronology of llamas in the UK and USA as a whole see here.

26.7.22 Roseland Steph died (from heat stroke)

30.6.22 Hillview Fritz born

6.6.22 Black Pearl died 

16.5.22 Hillview Sally born

3.5.22 Hillview Rachel born

7.7.21 Hillview Suki born

20.08.20  Joseph Born

11.04.2020 Adam born


27.03.2020 A sad farwell to Donte


28.08.2019Hannah born


6 November 2018 - First imports from US (Kornerstone's Chip, Might Joe's Smokin Lady Remington) and Germany (Tyger Bomb's Black Pearl) arrive.


July 2018, First loss at Hillview Llamas (Ruby -cause unknown)

15th April 2018 - Chenda born



April 1st 2018 - Hillview's 1st pushmepullyou. 


30th July, 2017 - New additional stud arrives (Jago) from Watertown  Llamas


2nd of June 2016 - Clare born



26th of May, 2016 - Hollie born


24th of May 2016 stud Harley's firstborn (Mary)


16th of May 2016 - Helena born


March 2016 - 1st finnishing school


27th September, 2015 - Cadenza arrives at  Hillview Llamas from Watertown Llamas

August 2015 - Watertown chute acquired


25th August, 2015 - Megan born


15th June, 2015 Jenny born


10th of June, 2015 - Anya born


August 2015 - 1st Hillview Llamas Sports Day


2 June, 2015-First filmed birth at Hillview Llamas (Kevin)

15th May, 2015 - Sid born


8th of May, 2015 - Jamie born


23rd of April, 2015 - Lottie born


13th April 2015 - Rupert born



3rd September 2013 - 1st attempt at shearing! (it's now much better!)


9th August 2013 - Trish born


30th September 2012 - Samantha born


26th June, 2012 - Heather born


31st May 2012 - Harley born

August 2011 - Additional land purchased


30th April 2011 - Hillview's 1st five legged llama - No, 1st male born here - Jonah.


1st September 2011 - New herd of 20 llamas arrive from Thame


17thAugust 2010 - 1st stud arrives at Hillview Llamas (Roseland Esprit) from Watertown llamas.


August, 2011 - 1st llama sale at Hillview Llamas (Brett)


30thJuly, 2010 - Issie and Jenesse arrive at Hillview Llamas from Derek Wallis, Utkinton


11 December 2009 - First llama to be born at Hillview Llamas (Ruby)


25May, 2009 - Brett, Jack and Mieke arrive at Hillview Llamas bred by Mrs Jane Methuen, Derbyshire


23 March 2009 - Chloe and Seph arrive at Hillview Llamas bred by Elizabeth Grant, Stillington, Yorkshire.


11 March 2009 - First llamas delivered to Hillview (Bolton and Donte) courtesy of Mr Derek Wallis (Utkinton) breeder of llamas since 1964.

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