Landmarks in the History of Hillview Llamas

This is a section devoted to chronicling significant landmarks in the history of Hillview Llamas. 

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For a chronology of llamas in the UK and USA as a whole see here.

20.08.20  Joseph Born


11.04.2020 Adam born


27.03.2020 A sad farwell to Donte



28.08.2019Hannah born


6 November 2018 - First imports from US (Kornerstone's Chip, Might Joe's Smokin Lady Remington) and Germany (Tyger Bomb's Black Pearl) arrive.


July 2018, First loss at Hillview Llamas (Ruby -cause unknown)

15th April 2018 - Chenda born



April 1st 2018 - Hillview's 1st pushmepullyou. (Tongue in cheek!)


30th July, 2017 - New additional stud arrives (Jago) from Watertown  Llamas


2nd of June 2016 - Clare born



26th of May, 2016 - Hollie born


24th of May 2016 stud Harley's firstborn (Mary)


16th of May 2016 - Helena born


March 2016 - 1st finnishing school


27th September, 2015 - Cadenza arrives at  Hillview Llamas from Watertown Llamas

August 2015 - Watertown chute acquired


25th August, 2015 - Megan born


15th June, 2015 Jenny born


10th of June, 2015 - Anya born


August 2015 - 1st Hillview Llamas Sports Day


2 June, 2015-First filmed birth at Hillview Llamas (Kevin)

15th May, 2015 - Sid born


8th of May, 2015 - Jamie born


23rd of April, 2015 - Lottie born


13th April 2015 - Rupert born



3rd September 2013 - 1st attempt at shearing! (it's now much better!)


9th August 2013 - Trish born


30th September 2012 - Samantha born


26th June, 2012 - Heather born


31st May 2012 - Harley born

August 2011 - Additional land purchased


30th April 2011 - Hillview's 1st five legged llama - No, 1st male born here - Jonah.


1st September 2011 - New herd of 20 llamas arrive from Thame


17thAugust 2010 - 1st stud arrives at Hillview Llamas (Roseland Esprit) from Watertown llamas.


August, 2011 - 1st llama sale at Hillview Llamas (Brett)


30thJuly, 2010 - Issie and Jenesse arrive at Hillview Llamas from Derek Wallis, Utkinton


11 December 2009 - First llama to be born at Hillview Llamas (Ruby)


25May, 2009 - Brett, Jack and Mieke arrive at Hillview Llamas bred by Mrs Jane Methuen, Derbyshire


23 March 2009 - Chloe and Seph arrive at Hillview Llamas bred by Elizabeth Grant, Stillington, Yorkshire.


11 March 2009 - First llamas delivered to Hillview (Bolton and Donte) courtesy of Mr Derek Wallis (Utkinton) breeder of llamas since 1964.

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