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L van Schie, W Van Breedam, C Roels, B Schepens… - mAbs,

GlycoVHH: optimal sites for introducing N-glycans on the camelid VHH antibody scaffold and use for macrophage delivery


As small and stable high-affinity antigen binders, VHHs boast attractive
characteristics both for therapeutic use in various disease indications, and as
versatile reagents in research and diagnostics. To further increase the versatility of …

 N Mansour, F Lamghari, F Alhefeiti, R Al-Khateeb… -

Success of embryo transfer of hybrid embryos in Old World camelids: A first study

 Reproduction in domestic animals 

This is the first study to test the embryo transfer (ET) of hybrid embryos in Old World
camelids and produces a live calf from a dromedary recipient. Hybrid embryos were
collected from 7 dromedary and 10 Bactrian donors, with or without ovarian super-stimulation …

 CI Pastrana, FJN González, TKS Osman, E Ciani… 

Curve estimation regression analysis to identify the model that best fits camel biomechanics applications for selective breeding

- … Society of Camelid …, 2023

AIM: The present research is aimed at the identification of the curve, or mathematical
function, that has the best fit to a series of data points obtained from the analysis of
different gaits (walk, pace and galloping) in dromedary camels (n= 190). Such curve …

 LI Danner, S Herzog, C Lendl, T Wittek

 Seroprevalence of Borna disease virus antibodies in alpacas and llamas in Austria

… We aimed to include approximately 10 % of the New World camelids. The
selection of the herds and animals and sample preparation was … As far as we are
aware, these issues are also unknown in New World camelids. About 30 % of the …

 AK Alaica, V Bélisle - 

Bone and antler artifact use in the 1st millennium CE of Cusco, Peru: Insights on textile production and food processing from the site of Ak'awillay

Quaternary International, 2023

There is a long history in the use of osseous materials from some of the earliest
contexts of the Andes, yet most technology studies have focused on durable
materials of ceramic, metal, and stone. In this paper, we present evidence for the 


W. L. Franklin

Observational vs. GPS Data: The Case of Spatial and Social Ecology of the Andean Vicuña (Vicugna vicugna)


Background The wild Vicuña is one of six members of Camelid family. It is a medium-sized
(38-45kg), high altitude (3200-4800m) ungulate, endemic to South America with two
subspecies: Northern Vicuña (Vv mensalis) and Southern Vicuña (Vv vicugna); the …

I. Udroiu  

Phylogeny and evolution of erythrocytes in mammals

Journal of Experimental Biology, 2023

camelids RBCs, because of the decrease in the surface area to volume ratio,
without increasing the RBC volume (MCV). Indeed, among the species studied,
camelids … Nonetheless, in camelids mutations happened that allowed some …

Y. Kong, F. Xie, Z. Zhang, S. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Di, Z. Zhou 

Evaluation of novel anti-CEACAM6 antibody-based conjugates for radioimmunotheranostics of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

European Radiology, 2023

… We used the structure of heavy-chain-only camelid antibodies as a basic sketch
to ensure low molecular weight and low non-target binding. NY004 contains CH2
and CH3 domains derived from human IgG1, and VHH, a variable region of the …


Current and emerging pharmacological treatments for respiratory syncytial virus infection in high-risk infants

JA Soto, RA Loaiza, S Echeverría, R Ramírez… - Expert Opinion on …, 2023

… Studies comparing the IgV gene repertoires of camelid germ lines and their
human counterparts have revealed a 95% sequence identity between the framework
region (FR) of human Ig [139] and the camelid IGHV family III, which suggests …

K Manoutcharian, G Gevorkian 

Shark VNAR phage display libraries: An alternative source for therapeutic and diagnostic recombinant antibody fragments

Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 2023

… chain in camelids and sharks enabled researchers to generate the smallest
recombinant antibody fragments, VHHs (about 15 kDa) and VNARs (about 12 kDa),
respectively, also called nanobodies [1,2]. Since then, many groups have …

Y Jiang, Y Lin, S Krishnaswamy, R Pan, Q Wu…  

Single-domain antibody–based noninvasive in vivo imaging of α-synuclein or tau pathology

Science Advances, 2023

… In contrast to the β sheet dyes, single-domain antibodies, found in camelids and a
few other species, are highly specific, and their small size allows better brain entry
and distribution than whole antibodies. Here, we have developed such imaging …

JN Hambly, CE Ruby, DV Mourich, S Bracha, BP Dolan  

 Potential Promises and Perils of Human Biological Treatments for Immunotherapy in Veterinary Oncology

Veterinary Sciences, 2023

… In keeping with a One Health framework, we also discuss the potential use of
single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) derived from camelid species (also known as
Nanobodies™) for therapies targeting multiple veterinary animal patients without the …


JL Lim, R Augustinus, JJ Plomp, K Roya-Kouchaki… Development and characterization of agonistic antibodies targeting the Ig-like 1 domain of MuSK

 - Scientific Reports, 2023

… The second set of antibodies resulted from libraries generated from two llamas
that were immunized … The variable domains of both types of antibodies (patient
and llama-derived) were … The llama-derived antibodies were further selected for …


E Wakild

What's a guanaco? tracing the llama diaspora through and beyond South America

… llamas have had agency is less pertinent here than the ways llamas have and
have not quite acclimatized to new habitats. They remain associated with their
homeland; they remain exotic rather than quotidian. If the llamas … the South …


Neosporosis in Argentina: Past, present and future perspectives

LM Campero, W Basso, G Moré, F Fiorani, YP Hecker… - … : Regional Studies and …, 2023

… However, in the few serological studies performed in llamas from Argentina only a
low level of seropositivity was detected and no … Evaluation of Neospora caninum
and Toxoplasma gondii infections in alpaca (Vicugna pacos) and llama (Lama glama) …


K Uzawa, M Takigami, Y Seki

Pacopampa and Kuntur Wasi: Regional Variations in the Process of Llama (Lama glama) Introduction

Senri Ethnological Studies, 2023

… reasonable to consider the factors that prevented the use of llamas at this
ceremonial center, given the widespread use of llamas throughout Central Andes
during this period. We propose that the supply of llamas was limited at Kuntur Wasi …

L Rossetto, MF Gallelli, GF Franco, MA Aba… 

Effect of early administration of progesterone on the function of the corpus luteum of llamas

Animal Reproduction, 2023

… of progesterone immediately after ovulation affects corpus luteum lifespan in
llamas. Female llamas (n=16) were induced to ovulate by … the premature
activation of the luteolytic process affecting corpus luteum function in llamas as it …

P Gradl  

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Rocket Engines: Successes and Failures

Additive Manufacturing Users Group, 2023

… • The L-PBF GRCop-42 chambers built under LLAMA had higher porosity (1-2%)
that congregated more at witness lines causing lack of fusion. • Granular surfaces,
unmelted particles, and irregular pores were observed in microtensile specimens (sectioned) …

M Takigami, K Uzawa  

A Comparative Study of Camelid Diets between Sites during the Formative Period in the Northern Highlands, Peru

Senri Ethnological Studies, 2023

… The general perspective is that the domestication of the alpacas and the llamas
occurred independently. The first camelid domestication, … The llama domestication
began later because the guanaco is larger and more difficult to control than the …


S Rosenfeld 

Of Guinea Pigs and Mines: Changing Access to Animal Consumption at Chavín de Huántar (Peru)

The Latin Americanist, 2023

… had found many llama bones at the local archaeological site and Diana was
surprised that people in the past had eaten llama meat. She … Some of the
questions I asked included: "How long have you lived in Chavín de Huántar?, Did ...


M Jahanbanifard, E Price, BA González, LA Raggi…

A novel method to analyse DART TOFMS spectra based on Convolutional Neural Networks: A case study on methanol extracts of wool fibres from endangered …

 International Journal of Mass Spectometry…, 2023

 M Cocchi, G Foiani, E Melchiotti, F Feliziani, G De Zan 

Multicentric malignant round cell tumour in a cria: Clinical presentation, pathologic findings and differential diagnoses

… The farmer also owned two llamas and introduced this cria, together with two
other adult female alpacas, 1 month prior to presentation. These … Both the alpacas
and llamas were fed hay and had free access to pasture. The cria was also provided …

Veterinary Record Case Reports

G S Duke, WH Isbell

Ancient Households on the North Coast of Peru: 4

… The presence of coca and chili peppers—two plants known for both their ritual
significance and importance in daily activities (Cutright 2011, 87; Gumerman 2002)—as
well as maize and llama, is consistent with a pattern that makes sense for temporary …

M. P. Weihmüller 

… In contexts where osteometry was unable to clarify questions pertaining to
domestication and where the line between guanaco and llama was blurred,
paleopathological analysis has been used as a complementary approach. These 

A look into the wild. Pathological analysis of a modern collection of guanacos from the Dry Chaco and its implications for South American camelid paleopathological …

International Journal of Paleopathology, 2023

MD Quispe, CC Quispe, L Serrano-Arriezu, JD Trigo… 

Development and validation of a smart system for medullation and diameter assessment of alpaca, llama and mohair fibers

Animal, 2023

Medullated fibers, due to their higher resistance to bending and pressure, constitute
a problem for the textile industry. Thus, having practical instruments to identify them
is essential. Therefore, the aim of this research was to develop and validate a novel …


C Eibl, S Franz

The Clinical Importance Of Ultrasonography For Examining Healthy Condition Of Kidney And Spleen

… llamas, such that the llama kidney is larger than that of the alpaca. The main
reason could be the difference in body sizes between the species, as llamas …
animals investigated was also responsible for the lack of statistical significance 


Y Gong, Y He - Cell membrane anchoring strategies for HIV gene therapy Cellular & Molecular Immunology, 2023

Moreover, this group worked on two heavy chain-only llama antibodies, JM2 and
JM4. GPI-VHH JM4-modified cells, but not JM2-modified cells, effectively neutralized
cell-free and cell-associated HIV infections, revealing that epitope specificity largely …

ANC Castro, MC Illia, PA Lendez, MPC Illia…Hepatic hematopoiesis in the alpaca (Vicugna pacos), a species with development in hypoxic environmentsTissue and Cell, 2023

Hematopoiesis occurs in different anatomical niches throughout the life of the
individual. The first hematopoietic extra-embryonic stage is replaced by a intra-embryonic
stage that occurs in a region that is adjacent to the dorsal aorta. Then, the prenatal …


S Nakamura, T Adachi, M Ogawa  Japanese Contributions to the Studies of Mesoamerican Civilizations - 2023

La participación de arqueólogos japoneses en la arqueología del continente
americano se comenzó a partir del año 1958 cuando el equipo de la Universidad de
Tokyo inició un proyecto en la región de los Andes 


Fifty Years of Research on Camelids and the Contribution of Genetics and Genomics: A Scientometrics Evaluation

M Rokouei, E Vaziri, M Feizabadi, H Faraji-Arough… - Agriculturae Conspectus …, 2023

… Considering the co-occurrence of keywords, “alpaca” and “llama” appeared 40
times together during the last 50 years, followed by “camel” with “PCR”, “camel” with “Trypanosoma
evansi” (each 19 times), and “nanobody” with “phage display” (16 times). For the …


Drinking behaviour of llamas (Lama glama) and horses (Equus caballus) in response to saline drinking water

N Enke - 2023

… , such as llamas and alpacas, or hindgut fermenters, such as horses or rabbits.
For the experiments of this study, llamas were chosen as … Against this background,
the aim of the thesis was to evaluate the responses of llamas and horses towards …


Phenological study of cultivated pastures in Moyocancha used for alpaca (Vicugna pacos) feeding

O Daniela, V Maritza, M Marcelo, A Manuel - Journal of Survey in Fisheries Sciences, 2023

… levels with an average production of 13.25 tn/ha, it is recommended to use this
forage species to feed South American camelids. … South American camelids are
species of great importance in the inter-Andean region because they allow the …

15.3. 2023

Camelids on the Coast? Investigating Trade and Early Camelid Herding Through Stable Isotope Analysis of Formative to Late Intermediate Period Textiles from the …


Cryopreservation modifies the distribution of the prostate-derived lectin SL15 on the llama (Lama glama) sperm


Dental Disease of Camelids


Seminal plasma nerve growth factor signaling on the reproductive physiology of female llamas


Selective Modulation of Activated Protein C Activities by a Non-Active Site Targeting Nanobody Library


vioural biology of South American domestic camelids: An overview from a welfare perspective

The Wild Side: Hunting Guanacos in Patagonia

Tissue distribution of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor in wild animals with a focus on artiodactyls, mustelids and phocids

Measurement properties of pain scoring instruments in farm animals: A systematic review using the COSMIN checklist

Cultures in Mountain Areas/Culture in aree di montagna/Kulturen in Gebirgsregionen: Comparative Perspectives/Prospettive comparative/Vergleichende Perspektiven

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