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Recent: Llama Nation 2017 - Two sixteen-year-old girls compete to be the national champion of llama showing. The only thing that stands in their way of the title is each other

So far, I haven't managed to find a bibliographical listing of CDs, DVD,s Blue Ray, etc., by country, subject, etc. I therefore plan to scour other sources over time to identify those with llama and llama related themes. Note also that videos are included under the section on Images

Select listing of CDs/DVDs, etc. on llama related topics

(2015). Llama. Audio And Video Labs Inc. 

Chandler Travis Philharmonic. (2000). Llama rhymes. United States: Sonic Trout. 


All About Llamas #1 - Llama Basics     Taylor/Gavin  (Williams)

All About Llamas #2 - Breeding, Birthing & Newborn Care    Taylor/Gavin  (Williams)

All About Llamas #3 - Let’s Go Packing    Taylor/Gavin  (Williams)

Gentle Spirit Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith

Mallon Method, The Difficult to Halter LlamaMallon Method,

The First 24 Hours Mallon Method, 

Llama Talk -- Cathy Spalding,

Halter Training Basics Running of the Llamas: a documentary by Heidi Freier c. 2008

Spinning Luxury Fiber - Judith MacKenzie Spinning Wool, Basics and Beyond – P. Zawistoski Vermonters

Just Like to Felt Hats -- The Herd of Northern Vermonters Wonderful World of Llama Wool

Marty McGee Working In the Round Pen (3 DVD set) John Mallon

Camelid Culture - Marty McGee Bennett

Llama Talk - Understanding Llama Behavior - Cathy Spalding, 2002 (Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000 or NT - Macintosh w/shockwave player)

Llama Training With Bobra Goldsmith

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