Pinterest is an online pinboard for organizing and sharing web based information (website, videos, photographs, books, etc.) on things you like. In this case llamas. Currently, this is an eclectic collection of 3500+ 'pins' organised on c100 'Boards' with no significant value judgments re. quality, helpfulness, reliability, etc. Some link to specialist llama websites, some to more general sites with llama content such as a photograph, book, etc. There is some overlap, for example, pins in textiles, ceramics, stamps, etc. could also be construed as works of art. Similarly, llama films, toys and videos are also merchandise. Comments on pins are welcomed, as are suggestions for inclusion. Anyone wishing to subscribe to the free service and make contributions please get in contact with me via the details on the contact tab or directly ( You can sign up to the RSS feed containing something ad to keep informed as pins as added by clicking on the RSS icon at the foot of the page.

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