Gender:         Stud Male

Sire:              Silver Rose Primo

Dam:              Roseland Kalista

Date of Birth: 06/05/2008

Breeder:         Paul Rose

BLS reg.:         53673

BLS Microchip: 985170000043704

Temperament: Biddable and obedient but hates all other males with a vengeance.

Left Hillview Llamas in July 2017, I was sad to see him go but hopefully he is enjoying himself in his new life in Ludlow.


                     Hillview Callum

                     Hillview Caroline

                     Hillview Chris

                     Hillview Harley

                     Hillview Clare

                     Hillview Heather

                     Hillview Helena 

                     Hillview Jamie

                     Hillview Jenny

                     Hillview Mandy

                     Hillview Reuben

                     Hillview Sid

                     Hillview Samantha

                     and many others

Sire: Primo