This publication aims to provide something approaching a comprehensive, one-stop shop for the user to identify information, whatever their interest in llamas (history, behaviour, husbandry, anatomy, physiology, etc.), role in wanting to know (journalist, keeper, therapist, veterinarian), form/format (article, book, conference paper, CS/DVD, poetry, children’s literature, photograph, video, dissertation/research report, etc.) or, source(s) they wish to examine and/or utilise (websites and pages, images, etc.). 

Using a controlled vocabulary, these are listed in subject classified order and also chronologically by year and alphabetically by author.

It also contains a classified index to websites, major llama magazines such as Camelids Chronicle, Llamas, Llama Link, Llama World, etc. and links to over 5K images of llamas in numerous contexts.

Not only will it inform the user as to what already exists but educate them in learning how to find out and devise a strategies for keeping abreast of existing and forthcoming material for themselves.

 It is primarily items published in the English language but does includes some foreign language material

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