Richard Cox

With a lifelong interest in animals (from rabbits and cavies in childhood, through poultry and goats to Llamas in recent years), Richard has  a strong interest in stock breeding and husbandry.

He is currently writing a book on llamas (click here for contents) and has recently penned a number of articles (see below)

Embryo Transfer in Llamaswww.pdfEmbryo Transfer in Llamaswww.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Review of Helen Cowie's Book Llama

Size : 278.106 Kb 
Type : pdf

Calcium Deficiency in Lactating Llamas

Calcium Deficiency.pdfCalcium Deficiency.pdf
Size : 276.031 Kb 
Type : pdf

Llama Fleece

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Type : pdf

Size : 4512.692 Kb 
Type : pdf

Article on Showing Llamas

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Marketing Llamas

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Visual Representations of Llamas in Social Media

Visual representations of llamas.pdfVisual representations of llamas.pdf
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Interim Report of Fact Finding Trip to US, 2018

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Article on Llama Nutrition 1.3.2017

Article 3 Llama Nutrition and Feeding6.pdfArticle 3 Llama Nutrition and Feeding6.pdf
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Full Report of Trip to US, 2017

US Reflections 2017 (LLv).pdfUS Reflections 2017 (LLv).pdf
Size : 895.361 Kb 
Type : pdf

Interim Report on Recent Fact Finding Trip to US 3.5.2017

US Reflections 2017.pdfUS Reflections 2017.pdf
Size : 305.167 Kb 
Type : pdf

Paddock Management

Paddock Mgt..pdfPaddock Mgt..pdf
Size : 1395.977 Kb 
Type : pdf

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