Dr Richard Cox

Outside of his professional life as a sports scientist, working in both the US and UK, Richard has a life long passion for animals (from rabbits and cavies in childhood, through cats, poultry, waterfowl and goats to Llamas in recent years), In particular, he has a strong interest in stock breeding, grassland management and all aspects of husbandry. 

He has authored over a dozen books on sport and is currently researching and writing a book on llamas (click here for contents). As part of this process he has compiled various databases on llama information, the one of published literature containing over 1500 entries, the one of websites and Facebook pages over 1000 and the one of visual images over 3,000 (see here). 

Recent articles on llama related matters include:

Embryo Transfer in Llamaswww.pdfEmbryo Transfer in Llamaswww.pdf
Size : 4028.898 Kb 
Type : pdf

 Review of Helen Cowie's Book Llama

Size : 278.106 Kb 
Type : pdf

Calcium Deficiency in Lactating Llamas

Calcium Deficiency.pdfCalcium Deficiency.pdf
Size : 276.031 Kb 
Type : pdf

Llama Fleece

Size : 487.944 Kb 
Type : pdf

Size : 4512.692 Kb 
Type : pdf

Article on Showing Llamas

Size : 4261.31 Kb 
Type : pdf

Marketing Llamas

Size : 637.337 Kb 
Type : pdf

Visual Representations of Llamas in Social Media

Visual representations of llamas.pdfVisual representations of llamas.pdf
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Type : pdf

Interim Report of Fact Finding Trip to US, 2018

Size : 600.921 Kb 
Type : pdf

Article on Llama Nutrition 1.3.2017

Article 3 Llama Nutrition and Feeding6.pdfArticle 3 Llama Nutrition and Feeding6.pdf
Size : 969.136 Kb 
Type : pdf

Full Report of Trip to US, 2017

US Reflections 2017 (LLv).pdfUS Reflections 2017 (LLv).pdf
Size : 895.361 Kb 
Type : pdf

Interim Report on Recent Fact Finding Trip to US 3.5.2017

US Reflections 2017.pdfUS Reflections 2017.pdf
Size : 305.167 Kb 
Type : pdf

Paddock Management

Paddock Mgt..pdfPaddock Mgt..pdf
Size : 1395.977 Kb 
Type : pdf

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