Over coming months I plan to draft a virtual book entitled A Guide to Llamas and Llama Husbandry.  This book does not attempt to duplicate or compete with some of the excellent works already out there, penned by experts in breeding, specialists in veterinary medicine, etc. with far more knowledge and experience than I. However, by bridging what exists on the World Wide Web it aims to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop on llamas and llama husbandry The draft list below outlines the structure and content. 




Evolution and History

      Natural History

      Social History with particular reference to the UK

      Cultural images of the llama in modern society

Llama Basics  

     Basic Anatomy & Physiology

     Uses and Activities – Meat, Guarding, Fleece, Manure, etc.

     TypesArgentine, Classic, Tampuli, Silkies, Suri, Minis


Acquiring Stock

          inc. Notes on Import/Export

Behaviour and Training



                   Feeding and Nutrition Requirements inc. Supplements      

                   Paddock Management

                    Soil preparation – Drainage, Harrowing, Rolling, Slitting, Sub Soiling

                   Herbage - Seed Selection, Seeding, Fertilizing, Cutting/Topping/Hay Making

                   Paddock Rotation

                  Weed Control

                  Fencing & Housing

                  Poo collection

      Health Care 


                Body Scoring

                Hoof Trimming,  Shearing, etc.


Illness and Diseases

               Parasites and their control   

Llama Standards, Showing and Judging

 Llama Breeding and Reproduction

   Selective breeding

   Mating, birthing, nursing, weaning, etc.

    AI and Embryo Transfer 

Further Information

    Bibliography (in chronological order)     

    Llamas and the World Wide Web