Over coming months I plan to draft a virtual book entitled A Brief Guide to Llamas and Llama Husbandry.

As sections are drafted I plan to update through hyperlinks to relevant sections.

Originally, my plan had been to encourage collaborative involvement of fellow members of the BLS but given the lack of interest welcome any individual to comment, contribute, etc.


Introduction – need for good practical guide, guide to buying


Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Personalities & Temperament

Uses and Activities – Meat, Guarding, Fleece, Manure, etc.; 

TypesCcacara, Tampuli, Suri, Minis



Paddock Management

Soil preparation – Drainage, Harrowing, Rolling, Slitting, Sub Soiling

Herbage - Seed Selection, Seeding, Fertilizing, Cutting/Topping/Hay Making

Paddock Rotation

Weed Control

Fencing & Housing

Poo collection

Llama Health and Care 

Hoof Trimming



Illness and Death

Feeding and Nutrition Requirements inc. Supplements,

Parasites and their control

Llama Standards, Showing and Judging

Llama Training 

Agility, Driving, Therapy, Trekking

Llama Breeding

Further Information


Llamas and the World Wide Web


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