Camelid Chronicle

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1988       March                     1              4 pages Guanacos - notes on their management: Bad tempered Males: Llama Driving.

1988       June                       2              12 pagesCarneddi Llamas - Ruth Ruck: Lama Language: Camelid Digestion: Llama driving Part II.

1988       September         3              8 pages Llama Breeding - Dr. Clare Adam (Rowett Research Institute): Vaccination: Nutrition of Camelids.

1988       December           4              8 pages Inbreeding in Camelids - Peter Scott: First Public Auction: Chilean Camelids.

1989       March                    5              8  pages Experiences of an Irish Amateur Guanaco Owner - Lady Kinahan: Llamas, Alpacas & Guanacos - Farm Development                                                                       Review  Report: Christmas with Llamas Canadian Style.

1989       June                        6              12 pages Further Experiences of an Irish Amateur Guanaco Owner: Azalea Poisoning in a Llama: Lamoids for Fibre Production -                                                                    Dr. A. Russel.

1989       September          7                8 pages Llama Calving - Dr. Clare Adam: International Llama Association Conference: Selenium Deficiency.

1989       December           8                16 pages Anilog ID Transponder (electronic tagging for llamas): Dental Diseases & Dentistry - Peter Kertesz: Back Packing in                                                                           Provence: Restraint & Handling - Murray E. Fowler.

1990       March                     9                20 pages Developmental Dental Diseases: Mycotic Dermatitis in a Llama: llamas in their Own Environment: Reproduction in                                                                           Llamas.

1990       June                        10               20 pages British Camelids First Conference: Traumatic Dental Conditions: A Visit to the Andean Altiplano: Form, Function,                                                                                Conformation & Soundness - M. Fowler: The British Lama Scene - Peter Bourne.

1990       September            11           16 pages Fifth Llama Species: Fibre Focus Clipping: Spinning Camelids.

1990       December              12           20 pages Following in Inca Footsteps (UK's first llama trek): Llamas in the Americas - Peter Isaac: Tan Your Lama's Hide: Fleece                                                                     Characteristics of Lama Species.

1991       March                        13           20 pages Alpacas in Australia: Embryo Transfer Research: Dr. Felipe Benevides O.B.E. Kirklinton Llamarama: Camelid Evolution &                                                                    History.

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