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There are many searchable on-line bibliographic databases. These may be based on records of publications in a particular language, published in a particular country (eg. the British National Bibliography originally aimed to include everything published in the UK) on subject areas (eg. Agris publications on Agricultural Science), cultures, etc. Some of these are free, others demand a subscription. A full list can be found here

You can link to the search pages of some of the free databases via the icons to the right.

Some university libraries have facilitated searching of several of these databases simultaneously. This is my long-term objective here in order to produce and maintain a searchable bibliography of all things (books, journals, theses, web pages, films, etc.) llama and llama related. This is currently available off-line or via the internet to selected individuals using End Note Web.

For the time being, I have started to produce some static bibliographies on llamas in general and on specific llama topics such as nutrition, parasites, etc. which can be viewed by clicking on the topic below. These will be populated over coming weeks and I am open to suggestions for future topics.

Web of Science (formerly Web of knowledge) is a multidisciplinary research platform which enables simultaneous cross-searching of a range of citation indexes and databases

General Bibliographies

Subject specialist databases


Agris This one is not free without an Athens account but embraces CAB Abstracts (the most comprehensive  English language database on agriculture, veterinary sciences, nutrition, etc.) Conference Proceedings, etc.

Llama Only Bibliographies

           Llama General

For a comprehensive list of publications on llamas up to 24/12/2016 in chronological order click here. Note URL links to further information. This list is still to be filtered to eliminate uses of term llama in senses other than animal. For a list of 2018 publications click here

 Select Llama SubjectBibliographies: (Under construction. Suggestions/offers for further titles welcome)